Bo Blue

Power Ohm: Reason, Purpose, Pride.

Hiding in the shadows lurking under your bed,
Way in the back of the closet it waits to be fed,
Lying under cover it's so hard to see.
Lying in the open it's plain to me.

Hiding in the Shadow: 

Power Ohm is a life experience. The music is inspiring, the message fresh, the reason clear. Power Ohm is priceless, because it is music as it ought to be, the product of ideals.
Which ideals?... The ideals of Man, as expressed in the noble message of music, that Man is capable, and heroic. Power Ohm has quite a prolific legacy, and the book is still out on how far they'll go.
At this rate, there's no stopping them. Power Ohm is unique, fresh with original energies, undaunted in their all out search for the perfection which one only attains by experience and effort.
The unabashed works herein reflect the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so it is that Man is, in deed, an end in himself.

The Power Ohm Collection:
Power Ohm is: Bo Blue and ??? Help Wanted! Power Ohm seeks professional help! No, not that kind of help! Musical help! We're looking for motivated musicians to keep the dream alive. Could this be you?